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speedcore stu
17 August
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Too much to say, ask me.
absinthe, acid, alec empire, anime, astaroth, baked apples, bastard loud, beer, bein at home(home-home), bein happy, belgian beer, belgian chocolates, belgium, bladerunner, bloody fist, breakbeat, breakcore, broken beats, bryan fury, cheese, chimpanzees, cider, crossworlds, d.o.a, deadly productions records, death metal, deathchant, deathchant records, deathmachine, decapitated, deicide, delta 9, disciples of annihalation, dj the rapist, dodgy films, dolphin, doomcore, dpr, drinking, drum n bass, dutch hardcore, eerie indiana, el bruto, ely muff, enduser, fifth element, funny porn, gabba front berlin, gabber, gti, hardcorps, hardsound radio, hellfish, hms, horror beats, hsr, industrial, industrial fucking strength, industrial strength, inextricable zenith, inustrial techno, japan, kronenbourg, kyoto, lager, leon, loadz more too!!!!, loftgroover, mad max trilogy, manga, martial arts, mashcore, mdma, mental sheeyat, metal, monkeys, music-, nasenbluten, nomad soul, omikron, p.e., patric catani, piercings, pizza, producer, promo, rampages, raves, re.pete, rotterdam terror corps, rtc, salute of the jugger, shitmat, shitspitter, shizuoka, skinhead, skrewface, skrewface records, smashcore, some other random stuff, sonic overkill, speed, speedcore, speedranch, splittercore, squarepusher, stella, stella artois, stu, syntax error, tank girl, techno, teenage mutant ninja turtles, teknoist, terminator trilogy, terrorcore, the berzerker, the crow, the cube, the destroyer, the hitcher, thrash dance, tokyo, trapdoor, violence jack, vodka